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Further Expanding Imports to promote World Economic Development

  Finance and Economics - Further Expanding Imports to promote World Economic Development

  "Further expansion of imports is an inherent requirement for deepening reforms and expanding openness. It will also demonstrate the responsibility and responsibility of China's great powers and will also play an important role in promoting world economic development."

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  On July 9, the General Office of the State Council issued a notice to forward the Opinions on Expanding Imports to promote Balanced Development of Foreign Trade (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") of 20 departments including the Ministry of Commerce, aiming at stabilizing exports while further expanding imports and promoting Balanced development of foreign trade, promote high-quality economic development, and maintain free trade.

  The "Opinions" mainly proposes policy measures from four aspects to expand China's imports: first, optimize the import structure and promote the upgrading of production and consumption structure; second, optimize the international xafs layout; third, actively promote multi-channel promotion; fourth, improve trade. Free and convenient conditions.

  Since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, China's economic construction has made great progress. Today, China has grown into the world's second largest economy, which depends to a large extent on China's unswervingly opening the outside world. Under the current trend of economic globalization and trade integration, further expansion of opening up is the only way to adapt to the development trend of globalization and to develop itself while achieving win-win cooperation.

  Increasing imports is an important aspect of expanding openness. We must know that domestic demand is the basic driving force for China's economic growth. Especially in the context of China's rapid economic development, the main social contradictions have been transformed into contradictions between the people's growing needs for better life and the uneven development. Residents have an inevitable requirement to improve their quality of life while their income levels and consumption levels are growing.

  In fact, in recent years, China’s import and export level has been in a state of steady growth, which is due to the further expansion of the achievements of opening up. In 2018, China's trade surplus has also continued to narrow. Import and export data show that from January to May 2018, China's total import and export value was 11.63 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.8% year-on-year. Among them, the import value was 5.49 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.6. %, the trade surplus was only 649.8 billion yuan, down 31% year-on-year.

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  As early as April this year at the Boao Forum for Asia, China has proposed four major measures to further deepen reforms and expand opening up. One of them is to further liberalize imports. The State Council executive meeting on May 30 this year also decided to reduce the import tariffs on daily consumer goods from July 1 this year.

  To further expand imports, at least the following positive effects: First, expanding imports is an inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of China's consumption structure. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the income of Chinese residents has continued to increase, and the proportion of middle-income people is increasing. Under this circumstance, consumers are increasingly demanding the quality of consumer goods and consumer goods. The needs, especially some high-quality products and services, can only be provided by foreign high-quality enterprises, and further expansion of imports can not only better meet the needs of residents' consumption, but also expand the welfare of residents, which is also of great significance for attracting consumption.

  Second, expanding imports can force domestic enterprises to transform and upgrade. Nowadays, China is in the critical period of supply-side structural reform. Some domestic enterprises still have a big gap in product and service compared with foreign companies. Further expansion of imports is not only conducive to the domestic enterprises to face the gap through the comparison of domestic and foreign products and services, to make changes in innovation capabilities, business ideas, etc., but also to learn advanced technology, through the combination of Chinese and Western ways to achieve "1 + 1> 2" effect.

   stew required one main ingredient – potatoes, which only came to Ireland in 16th century.

  Once again, further expansion of imports demonstrates the responsibility and responsibility of our great powers. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of economic strength, China has gradually become a stabilizer and power source for the world economy. According to the World Bank data, the proportion of China’s economy in the world economy has increased to about 15.3% in 2017, against the global economy. The contribution rate of growth has reached 34%. In the context of tremendous progress in economic development, China remains committed to contributing China's strength and China's programs to global development, such as the “One Belt, One Road” initiative to achieve common development with economic partnerships along the route. To further expand imports, while sharing the development opportunities of the world with the world and driving economic growth in other countries and regions, it also demonstrates our responsibility and responsibility.

  China's development cannot be separated from the world, and the development of the world also needs China. Further expansion of imports is an inherent requirement for deepening reform and opening up. It not only has a positive impact on China's development, but also plays an important role in promoting world economic development.

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new beauty 美容有哪些與眾不同之處

  肌膚保養似乎已經成為每位女性日常生活中不可避免的美容話題,而相比較於以往流於表面的美容方法,更為系統化的美容管理服務顯然是眾多年輕女性們更願意去選擇的美容服務,new beauty 美容就是這種符合當代女性美容訴求的年輕肌膚管理中心,其相較於傳統的美容護膚,自然是有著許多的與眾不同之處。

  技術更先進。new beauty hk 美容所使用的的各項技術都是行業領先的,如pico way第二代激光皮秒術,elase激光脫毛術,hifu輪廓拉緹都是最先進的無創無痛美容技術,能夠解決女性們的任何美麗問題,恢復時間短,零創面,真正做到美麗零壓力。

  美容專案更細化。new beauty hk 美容的各類專案相比較傳統的美容店來講專案更加細化,從面部提拉,去斑美白,再到脫毛埋線,一站式解決女性朋友們所有的肌膚問題,這是傳統美容所無法做到的。

  服務更專業。除了技術和專案都領先於人外,new beauty 美容的服務也更加專業。以客為首,專業服務,專注用心是new beauty 美容的服務宗旨,在new beauty 女性朋友們不但能夠輕鬆解決美麗問題,還能夠體驗到量身定制的美容護膚療程,是您期待已久的私人肌膚養護專家。


Worrying about eating watermelon and growing meat?

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The tribunal ordered the school to write a letter of apology to Hayden before the end of the academic year and to organise staff training on positive behaviour management and the impact on behaviour of atypical neuro-developmental disorders. It did, however, dismiss claims that the exclusions themselves mounted to disability discrimination, ruling they were “a proportionate way of achieving a legitimate aim”. Effect could contribute to improved clinical outcomes.


In a statement, the Burnt Mill Academy Trust says the number of fixed exclusions at the academy was below the national average adding: “It is never an easy decision to exclude a child permanently and the school regrets that this was the outcome for this student. When making such a difficult decision, the future health and safety of staff and pupils have to be taken into account.”


The trust points out that the tribunal found the school had made considerable efforts to put elements in place to change the way education was provided to Hayden. “The only failing identified by the tribunal was that the school could have gone further and sought the advice of an educational psychologist. We have taken this on board and … the school is currently recruiting an in-house educational psychologist to strengthen this area of practice.”PolyU continues to expand its academic links with those top 100 university ranking asia and top-ranked universities in the world, to create overseas learning opportunities for students.


The judgment is significant, not only for the Damirals but for those supporting Send children, who are disproportionately excluded from school. It also highlights growing concerns among parents and experts about the impact of zero-tolerance behaviour policies on Send children, especially those with neuro-developmental conditions such as ADHD.


‘People give up’ – the crisis in school support for children with special needs

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Andrea Bilbow, founder and chief executive of the National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service, says many schools are unaware of their obligations to children with disabilities. In every class she says there are at least two children with ADHD. “There’s still this kind of attitude that ADHD is not a disability and the children choose to misbehave. ETG develops 3D traffic solution as a system of retail stores in Hong Kong and offers flexible metrics to apply on collected data like multi-zone counting and height filtering for accurate analytics.But these kids really need our understanding and support especially at school.


There's something wrong with your body

Often heard a lot of fat people said: "my appetite is not particularly much, but how can grow a body of meat,Buying the right kind of , you can prevent your E-juice from leaking out! - the shortest horror story you want to face ever.It must have a metal seal and a fully ceramic body to stop oxidation or leakage. even drinking water is long meat.". What's going on here? The doctor said, this is probably the liver has a problem, it is recommended to quickly check the liver.

Liver metabolic problems lead to obesity

As we all know, the liver is an important organ for digestion, absorption, decomposition, synthesis and transport of fat in the body. When the body needs fat to supply energy, the subcutaneous fat will be mobilized, it is transported from the subcutaneous to the liver, in the liver will decompose, and then to the body to provide energy.

And if the liver function disorders, bile synthesis, secretion reduction, a large number of fat accumulation in the body can not be timely through the liver to be decomposed, so it will lead to obesity and hyperlipidemia. So, if the metabolic function of the liver has problems, the body will appear the corresponding disease, may also lead to obesity.

Liver metabolism is not good, in addition to obesity, may also have the following symptoms:

1, poor liver will lose appetite, indigestion, serious anorexia, greasy, nausea, vomiting and so on. This is mainly due to a large number of damaged liver cells, secretion of bile function decreased, affecting the digestion of fat, so will lose appetite, indigestion, greasy greasy.

2, there may be jaundice phenomenon. When the liver is bad, bilirubin metabolism will also be abnormal, resulting in jaundice, jaundice, including skin yellow, urine yellow, yellow eyes.

3, poor liver may also appear the following physical diseases: cardiovascular disease, arthritis, skin lesions, digestive system hepatitis and so on.

Doctors suggest that if the liver has problems, first do not take their own liver protective drugs, should go to the hospital, follow the doctor's advice medication. So, in daily life, what should be eaten more beneficial to the liver?

What to eat liver protection?

1, seaweed food

Kelp, seaweed and other seaweed can help the liver detoxification, to prevent human absorption of cadmium and other toxic heavy metals and other environmental toxins. Researchers at the Mcgill University in Canada have found that compounds contained in brown algae can reduce the absorption of radioactive particles by bones.

2, litchi

Regular use of litchi has a strong effect of strengthening the liver and strengthening the pancreas, for some people with liver dysfunction should eat more litchi in the daily life to play a tonic effect. Therefore, in daily life, people with impaired liver function should eat more lychees in order to enhance liver function.

3, bean sprouts

Bean sprouts are rich in enzymes, which can promote the decomposition and absorption of protein.

4. Food rich in sulfides

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